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Anti-Diet Movement Club

Anti-Diet Movement Club

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Looking to start working out again, but don't have the motivation? Maybe you don't know where to start, or just can't get yourself to start? Looking for a trauma safe, workout that has zero base in diet-culture? This is 6 week series for you!
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Starting week of June 6!  
Monday @12:10pm : 30 minute Workout club
Thursday @ 7pm: 60 minute Yoga Club
Thursdays @ 8:30pm: 30 minute Workout Club
*tentative time for 1 hr Workout Club: Mondays @ 9:30am

**If these times don't work please reach out as additional times are able to be added
**Times for 60 minute yoga club will be decided together
**Recordings will be done of each movement portion of the class, and be accessible for the duration of the 6 week club