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Supporting Mental Health Series

Whether you live with mental illness, are recovering from trauma, or the stress of daily life, we could all use more tools to cope through the tough times.

This series is designed to work with your existing care practices to expand your coping skills.

Throughout this four session series we will discuss and practice tools borrowed from yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices to help support us when times are tough.  We start off with a 75 minute workshop where we dive into a variety of tools, what they are, and why they help!  Including time for questions, and a movement practice. We then have three classes together where we will practice these tools, so that when we need them they're easier to use.  Included in the price are worksheets, specially made resources, and meditations (to keep!) 

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Series Testimonials:

"Billie is a great instructor! She is very inclusive and considerate when teaching. Billie also goes into detail about the body mechanics of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga which I found very useful and insightful. I really recommend this class to anyone who is looking to expand their toolbox!"
"Billie’s workshop was an excellent way to reconnect to our breath and move away from the pressure to be productive at all times of our day. This is a great option for those looking to find balance between work and rest."
"Thanks for this course! I appreciated the combo of breath, mindfulness, and movement. It helped me feel calmer before bed!"
"Billie is a very compassionate and inclusive teacher. She has taught me really great ways to help combat my mental health challenges in her Supporting Mental Health Series. I highly recommend the series for everyone!"
"I have really enjoyed this class, it's given me a lot of useful tools to manage my mental health and it's been really enjoyable to take the time out of my day to focus on calming techniques. Billie is super friendly and kind and everything that she goes over is done in a judgement free and inclusive way. "