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Slow Flow
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Class Types

Rebel Strength/Anti-Diet Workout: This is a workout class with no base in diet-culture or weightloss. This class is a combo of strength training, mobility work, and cardio; with full empowerment to take what you need and ignore what you don’t. So why rebel strength? We are rebeling against the message that working out has to relate to weightloss. Instead we are declaring loudly that we love our bodies, we are grateful for them and we are moving them for the fun and heck of it!

Power Flow: This class can sometimes be labeled as an intermediate level class, make no mistakes it is a challenging vinyasa/flow based class. That said, I really want you to pay attention to your body, think of this class as a fun challenge, not a need for perfection. Connect with your breath, try some new things, and increase your heart rate!

Yang Yin: Yang yin starts out with a faster paced flow, and finishes off with a slow restorative yin. Two very opposite styles coming together for the best of times.

Hatha: This class is great if starting yoga scares you. We really are focusing on the foundation of postures, move slowly between them and take time to focus on our breath.

Yin: In yin we hold a posture for 3-5 minutes. Hey come back, don’t let that scare you. I’m not talking about holding plank for that long, I’m talking holding restorative chill postures. You may have a hard time not falling asleep, or keeping your mind still: that’s a big part of the practice!

Stretch&Destress: This is a crossover between yin and hatha. We are moving slowly, doing lots of stretching but we are putting in a bit of effort. Not as much effort as hatha, but more than yin. Full of restorative postures, and great for unwinding at the end of a stressful day. (aka stretch&unwind)


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Single Class Pass* $20
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5 Class Pass* $75
10 Class Pass** $140


Notes on Passes:

* 6 Month Expiry for the Single Class Pass & 5 Class Pass

** 12 Month Expiry for the 10 Class Pass

Two Week Intro may be purchased one time per person. To be used for two (2) consecutive weeks.



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