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Private Classes

Are you interested in a private yoga or workout class or retreat for you and your friends/family coworkers?

Maybe it's your birthday, or you want to add a class into your bridal party/wedding day to chill out.  Maybe your office wants to host a class for everyone?  Prices vary. For quotes and to discuss what you're looking for in the class or event, click here to contact!

Here are some reasons you might book a private class with me: 

- you are looking for tools to help you with mental health
- you want to take a deep dive into your existing practice and how it feels in your body
- you are recovering from injury 
- you have a job with repetitive movements and you want to balance out the effect it has on your body
- you have questions about poses, or movements
- you want a class that fits your needs, and your body exactly
- increase strength
- increase mobility

Whatever your reason, we can work together to tailor the class specifically to your needs.  You can do yoga, workout classes, or a blend of the two! (depending on your intentions)  

Our space and time together will be an intentional safe space: body neutral, trauma informed, compassionate, and a safe space for LGBTQ+, BIPOC folx, Jewish folx, gender/non-gender, abilities, and backgrounds.  If you have questions or concerns, or would like to discuss sliding scale please reach out. 

Still unsure? Click here to learn more about me, and where I am coming from as a teacher.

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