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Anti-Diet Movement Club

Are you looking to start working out again, but don’t have the motivation? Maybe you don’t know where to start, or just can’t get yourself to start? Looking for a trauma-safe workout that has zero base in diet culture?

Have I got a thing for you! A solution that checks all the boxes!

The reason you’re not feeling empowered, and excited for working out is because diet-culture has heavily influenced how it’s been portrayed to you.  You don’t have a space to exist and show up in your body, with your feelings. 

My name is Billie, I’ve had hundreds of hours of training, and hundreds of hours of experience guiding folx through yoga and workout classes that are inclusive and empowering folx to listen to their body.

How do you feel in your body day to day?  Do you feel stressed out, exhausted, maybe you get these weird aches and pains you’re told are ‘just a part of aging’?  Starting a movement practice can help with all of these things: it can help you sleep better, have more energy, help you deal with stress, help prevent injury and keep you feeling better in your body for longer.

Maybe you’ve tried to start working out in the past but said ‘fuck it’ because you got too busy, or you would always leave feeling judged, injured, overwhelmed and just generally shitty.  Maybe then movement became something you dreaded, you felt scared to start because you felt judged in the past, and you have no idea what you’re doing.

Working out shouldn’t feel like that.  You shouldn’t have to feel scared because of the body you’re in, or because you don’t know what you’re doing.  You deserve a safe space, you deserve better than the shit you’ve gone through.  You deserve a space you can be yourself in, where you can laugh (or cry), where you can learn to connect to your body.  Working out should be more like an act of love for your body than a punishment. 

Join The Anti-Diet Workout Club

"Billie’s Anti-Diet Workout Club is so much more than I expected it to be - in the best way! I initially joined their program to bring exercise back into my life after it took a major backseat the last few years. Instead not only did I get an enjoyable workout class but I also found a like-minded community with similar goals toward movement/exercise not based in typical diet culture/fatphobia. It was extremely refreshing and really created a safe-space that was completely free of any kind of judgment, which I haven’t felt before. I personally love the length of the classes. They’re easy to fit into my schedule (busy mom of 2 kids) and are great for a beginner, or if you’re just getting back into working out after awhile. Makes you feel super accomplished when you finish a class and don’t feel like keeling over afterwards lol. Despite their short length, Billie does a great job giving your body a full workout. I always leave their class feeling like I’ve worked out each part of my body. Even in the short amount of time I’ve been doing the class, I already feel the difference. I feel stronger and more flexible. Billie also makes it very easy to watch recorded classes later on. Which is great if you aren’t able to make the live time, or want to workout more than once that week, or want to double the length of your workout that day. If you are looking for a full body work out in a safe space with some good laughs, I’d 100% recommend this program!"

Let’s backtrack a sec,  maybe this hits home for you:

You’ve gotten the message that workouts are a punishment. That working out is something that feels like a punishment, looks like one particular level of difficulty and seems required in order to earn food. (ugh)

You tried in the past to start at a gym, or yoga studio and felt judged just stepping into the door.  You felt like because of the size of your body you needed to prove all their stupid judgments wrong.  You gave 300% effort even though you only had 2% energy, and left those doors feeling close to death and swearing you’d never go back (and just maybe telling off the teacher in your head on the way). 

Or maybe you went and it was a great class for you. Maybe you loved it and it felt great but then the teacher said shit like “oh wow, you’re strong for your size.”You can take this modification if you don’t have the strength”.

You just did the movements you were told to do, exactly how you were told because that’s the way it’s “supposed to look” (but it felt wrong), even though there wasn’t a lot of explanation.  You were going as fast as you can to keep up with the class but something happened and your knee hurt for weeks after.
You do not need to earn food. You do not need to punish yourself with exercise: life is hard enough.  You do not need to put aside two hours three days a week for your movement to be valid.  You do not need to feel shitty after class, or during.  You deserve better than that.

What if we rebel against all of that bullshit and instead look at workouts like a tool that can help us feel better in our bodies.
A tool to help you sleep better, feel calmer, give you the energy and mobility to play with your kids, or fuel kitchen dance parties without being stuck with a pulled muscle for weeks after.

Movement as a rebellious declaration that your body is valuable and deserving of love exactly as it is.
When you revolutionize your understanding and relationship to movement you can exist in your body however you want. It can be a fun way of connecting, releasing stress, but also help fuel your full days as a parent, a business owner, an animal lover, a cookie eater, crafter or lion tamer.

What if you felt safe to be fully yourself in your workout or yoga class; you could learn to let your body be the guide to gaining strength, and mobility. You could show up feeling all your feels and making your own choices and always be enough.  What if your workout had equal value no matter what it looked like.
What if all bodies were treated as they should be: worthy, amazing, and capable as hell.

When you throw out the old approach, movement can become something you actually get excited about. You feel better, you feel more confident and safe to be and show up as your beautiful badass self.

Join the  Anti-Diet Workout Club now!

    "This class is an invitation to question how we think about fitness. The club      is based on inclusivity and meeting its participants where they're at without      shame or judgment. This class is for anyone of all levels who want to work              on functional movement in a safe, inviting space."

The Anti-Diet Movement Club is a rebellious movement of people who are standing together, supporting each other declaring that all folx deserve a space to move their bodies and feel not only safe, but unconditionally supported. This is me, and you declaring that we are done with diet-culture bullshit impeding our right to feel safe in our bodies.

Super Awesome Perks: Are you wanting more than one 30 minute workout a week? Lucky for you signing up for this club gives you 50% off class packs for the duration of the club. That discount is outrageous. You can also buff up your week by adding in a half-hour 1:1 workout! You also get access to a private chat for only the folx in the club so we can get to know one-another, cheer each other on and support each other.

Who is this this for?

This is for anyone. This is for you if you’re a complete beginner and you don’t know where to start. This is for you if you’ve been working out for years and just need a little compassionate kick in the butt getting started. This is for you if you really miss the social side of going to the gym. This is for you if long workouts are boring af (me), or if you’re really busy and only half half an hour free. This is for you if you are ready to kick diet-culture bs out of your workout environment, and instead focus on checking in with how your body feels. This is for you if you want to build strength, mobility and feel better in your body for longer. This is for you if you’re shy, if you have anxiety, if you have trauma or none of those things.

Who isn’t this for?

We won’t be a good fit if you don’t agree that all folx deserve a safe space. We won’t be a good fit if you’re main or only goal is weight-loss. We also won’t be a good fit if you don’t agree that trans-lives matter, black lives, Indigenous and POC lives matter, that LBGTQIA+ lives matter.