MOVE WITH LOVE: Free 3 Day Self-Care Challenge

About Me

Hey! I'm Billie (she/they).

I am a queer yoga/movement teacher, trauma/abuse/ED survivor who is disrupting the norm and going against the grain.

  I am throwing diet-culture, spiritual-bypassing and other excluding narratives into the trash, because you deserve better. 

You deserve a movement class that helps you learn to check in with you feel instead of how you look; a class that frees you from expectations and empowers you to take what you need and leave what you don't. 
If that sounds scary, whether it's in group classes, one-on-one, or my workshops. I lead with an open heart, and will walk through all the scary shit with you.  I use what I've been through, along with my 600+ hours of training to hold a safe, inclusive space for this rebellious movement. 

Declare freedom from diet-culturey, feeling-shaming horeseshit, and move your bodies for your emotional health, to increase mobility and strength, and to feel 
good in your body for longer.  You deserve that freedom. 

Here is a run down of the trainings that I've done:
500 Hour YTT with Modo Yoga
Yogassage Training
Modo Flow
Modo Fit 
Reaching In, Reaching Out with New Leaf Foundation
Holding Brave Space for Inclusivity with Carly Stong
Unlearning Yoga Postures with Sage Physiotherapy and Wellness
Mental Health First Aid 
Here are some projects I have been a part of: 
Cat Yoga at Southpaw Cat Cafe (formerly in YGK)
Virtual Group Class with Girls Inc.
Yoga and Mental Health class at AMHS KFLA
Full time teacher for four years at Modo Yoga Kingston
Free class in Hyba (formerly in YGK)
Free class in Memorial Centre Market -Summer/Fall of 2021


How it started...

I hated my body from a young age. I exercised to punish myself, obsessed over food and engaged in all different types of self-damaging behaviours because I didn’t know any different.

I grew up held too tight, forced to be too small and too silent in a box made of emotional abuse and trauma; and the tool that made the biggest difference, made a dent? It was yoga.

My mat was the first place I felt safe, the first place I could learn to experience what it was like to feel my body, be in my body; to connect movement and breath, to learn to feel and to breathe, to love and to rebel. I rebelled by laying down or taking different poses if my body needed it, even if the teacher tried to discourage it, I rebelled by exisiting in my own body and (with help) come to peace with my body as it existed.

I didn’t think it was a big deal, not at first. All these tiny tools and tiny moments of freedom I stole on my mat - that is, until I look back. Tiny big deal moments meant I could actually feel what it was like to be in my body, to feel my muscles, my legs, my feelings. I could hear what my body wanted: “hey, I need to rest, I need to go faster, I need to slow down, I need to weep”. I learned to breathe deeper, and comfort myself when big back bends triggered anxiety. I learned to say no, learned to come back to my body when my brain wanted to dissociate.

I look back and see that this practice of showing up, breathing and moving set the foundation for me to break loose from this box I was raised in. It set me on a path of small steps into big moments: severing myself from the abuse, learning to be loud again, to take up space again, to rebel against the hate I was give and love my body. The space to learn who I was, the space to be myself,, and to rebel against every hateful thing I was taught, and the passion to share what I found.

So when I tell you that small moves are a big deal I mean it, and although you may think ‘it’s just another yoga class’, it might just be the yoga class that sets you free from expectations, that plants a tiny seed full of love. Maybe that seed will grow little by little: changing your motivation from weight-loss to strength building, being incvisible to unapologetically taking up space, or maybe stress relief; maybe it helps you learn to hold space for sadness and anger - letting waves of feeling come and go. Maybe one day you too will look back and see that your mat planted the seed or rebellion, of freedom, of safety, of deep unconditional love.
Or maybe it will just be amother yoga class, I’m no fairy-god mother. I have no magic wand, I’m just a person who cares deeply, loves hard, proclaims loudly that each person is innately valid and deserves a safe space to exist as they are. I am a person who will hold your hand through the hard shit, empathize deeply, and remind you that you are one beautiful, strong badass who deserves the goddamn best there is.