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First Class Jitters! + FAQ

Whether it's your first yoga, or fitness class ever, or just your first class with me, I get it, it can be a little scary.  So let's run over a few things together to ease your mind a little.  I've also included some frequently asked questions, just in case I don't cover all your concerns. 

Every studio, and teacher are totally different, and unfortunately I am willing to bet we have all had a situation that made us uncomfy in one of these places.  Movement practices can be vulnerable, I know from experience how much of a difference a safe space can make.  One of my main goals as a teacher is to be as inclusive and hold as safe a space as possible for every person who joins.  I want to encourage you to listen to your body, encourage you to make decisions about how to move your body at all times because you're the expert of your own body! You know your body best.  There is no such thing as a 'perfect' practice, there are no end goals or perfect versions of postures in my class.  It's all about you, your body and your experience. 

It's important to me, and actually a non-negotiable that my class spaces remain free of any kind of diet-culturey BS.  If you're looking for someone to explain the best way to lose weight, I am not your teacher.  None of my classes are based in weight loss, I will never talk about it.  Diet culture is not only harmful, but also very false, and has racist roots.  I am not here for it, and never will be.  Now, I will interject here to clear up some things that might be going on in your head right now.  

So, if your classes are based in body positivity does that mean I need to love my body all the time to practice with you? Heck no, that's not how this recovery process works.  We all have days where the things we were taught our whole lives comes up. Maybe youve even heard them in yoga studios, or gyms.  What I will do is encourage you to be kinder to yourself.  I will encourage you to find the beauty in yourself, the beauty in taking care of yourself from an approach that has nothing to do with weight-loss.  I will encourage you to change your intention from practice to something other than weight-loss as well.  I will also support you along the way, and have many more resources to share. 

Hopefully that cleared things up. 

Another important thing to me is that my classes stay safe for all folx: a queer-safe, BIPOC safe, trauma safe, Jewish folx safe, mental health safe space.  I actively create spaces that are safe and am always learning how to do better.  Our learning never ends (and I love that).  I have trauma myself, I myself am queer, and I am really constantly learning how to hold space in a way that allows you do go on your own journey.  Need to cry in class? That's okay.  Need resources? Let me know.  Have feedback? Maybe you didn't feel fully safe in a class or interaction?  Email me anytime.

I'm realizing here that I could go on, and on about a lot of this stuff, so I will end it for now, but here are some Q+A's because I KNOW I left out a lot. 

Q: How do I sign up for a class?
A: Send me an email to and let me know which class you'd like to take!  Please try and let me know at least an hour ahead of time. 

Q: How do I grab a recording of a class?
A: Send me an email! It's easiest if you can let me know ahead of time, that's the only way I can garuntee it's available.  That said, if it's after the fact you can still try, I just can't promise it's available.

Q: Can I do the 2 Week Intro twice?
A: The 2 week intro is only available once per person.

Q: What's included in the 2 week intro and monthly membership?
A: With these memberships you can take any scheduled group class or recording

Q: I really want to practice with you, but money is tight for me right now. Do you have sliding scale options?
A: Yes! I never want money to be a factor that hold you back.  Send me an email, give me a little explanation about your situation and we can chat further. 

Q: How do I make a purchase?
A: Head over to my fancy-dancy shop!

Q: I signed up, now what?
A: If you signed up for a virtual class you will be emailed your link before class time. Depending on the time it's mailed out in the morning, or the night before.  I'll start class a couple minutes early, you can come in and say hi or take a long savasana.  Once class starts I'll ask you to mute your mic unless you have questions, and it's entirely your choice if you have your camera on or off. 

If you signed up for a recording, you'll have 7 days after the scheduled class to do the class. (unless otherwise discussed)

If you sign up for an in person class I'll send you an email ahead of time letting you know where to meet me!

Did I miss any? Send me an email to