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The Yoga & Fitness Industries Needs to Change

I’m going to wager that we have all been in a group yoga/workout class in some form or another. Maybe it was gym class in highscool, maybe it was a studio, or gym. We might be aware of the cultures in these places, how we felt in these places and how we felt when we left; it may have been more subtle.I’ve been in a lot of these places myself, heck I’ve worked in a couple. In these places, and an unfortunate majority that I see there are two messages that I really disagree with and are straight up bull crap.1. Freakin diet culture. So many of these places are laden with diet culture messaging, it really gets under my skin;...

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First Class Jitters! + FAQ

Whether it's your first yoga, or fitness class ever, or just your first class with me, I get it, it can be a little scary.  So let's run over a few things together to ease your mind a little.  I've also included some frequently asked questions, just in case I don't cover all your concerns. 

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Community Votes Platinum Winner 2020 + 2021!

I am pleased to have been a Platinum Winner in the 2020 Community Votes Kingston for Best Yoga! Thank you so much for your support!  Nominations are now open for Community Votes Kingston 2021 and I would deeply appreciate your support again this year.  Click Here to cast your vote!

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